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Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co Ltd is a professional provider of flowmeters Situated at No 32 Hetang Road Luyang Industrial Area Hefei City Anhui Province our company covers an area of 20 000sqm Our company is equipped with strong technical force excellent processing equipment and advanced testing technology and is specialized in scientific research production sale and service Our company produces a variety of flowmeters which are widely used in the trade settlement and accurate measurement of oil chemical environmental metallurgy electric power transportation foodstuff pharmaceutical military and scientific research Anhui Tianwei Instrument Co Ltd is principally engaged in the research and...

Categories and Products

LC Oval Gear Flow Meter

Diesel Oil Gasoline Flow Meter

Digital Oval Gear Jet Fuel Flow Meter Mechanical Tank Truck Fuel Flow Meter Mechanical Fuel Diesel Oil PD Flow Meter Marine Shipping Engine Oil Flow Meter Analog Output Mechanical Oil Flow Meter Mechanical Diesel Fuel Consumption Flowmeter Oil Consumption Pulse Output Flow Meter Crude Palm Oil / CPO Flow Meter Marine Ship Heavy Fuel Oil Loading Flow Meter Electronic Analog Output Diesel Fuel Oil Flow meter Mechanical Flow Meter for Diesel Fuel/Engine Fuel Oil Marine Engine Fuel Oil Consumption Flow Meter Shipping Marine Crude Oil Loading Flow Meter LCD Display Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter Marine Ship Fuel Oil PD Flow Meter Intelligent Digital Fuel Oil Flow Meter Kerosene Diesel Jet Fuel Oil Flow Measurement LCD OGM Oval Gear Flow Meter Oval Gear Digital Fuel Oil Unloading Flow Meter analog output PD oil flow sensor 

Furnace Oil Boiler Oil Flow Meter

Smart Marine Heavy Fuel Oil Flow Meter Thermal Conductivity Fuel Oil Flow Meter Oval Gear Flow Transmitter Digital Oval Gear Oil Flow Meter High Temperature Oil Flow Meter Oil Counter Flow Meter High Temperature Fuel Oil /Furnace Oil Flow Meter LC Pulse Output Fuel Oil Flow Meter Digital Fuel Oil Oval Gear Flow Meter Furnace oil Thermal Oil Flow Meter OGM Pulse Flow Meter Mechanical/Digital Fuel Oil Flow Batch Controller Hot Furnace Oil Flowmeter Oil Measurement Engine Fuel Consumption Flow Meter 

Bitumen Flow Meter

Bitumen Flow Meter/Asphalt Flowmeter High Pressure Cast Steel Asphalt Flowmeter Digital/Mchanical Asphalt Flow Meter Mechanical Bitumen Flow Measuring Instrument Animal Fat Oil Flow Meter 

Chemical Solvent Flow Meter

OGM Corrosive Resistant Ethyl Flow Meter Mechanical/Digital Oval Gear Chemical Liquid Flow Meter Stainless Steel Methyl Oval Gear Flow Meter LCD Digital Chemical Ethyl Flow Meter 

Cooking Oil Flow Meter

OGM Used Cooking Oil Flow Meter Pulse Output Cooking Oil Measurement Tool Stainless Steel Flow Meter Pulse Output Used Vegetable Oil Flow Meter Mechanical/Digital OGM Oval Gear Flowmeter OGM Oval Gear Flow Meter Flow measuring Instrument Sunflower Oil Edible Oil Measuring Instrument Pulse Output Stainless Steel OGM Flow Meter Stainless Steel Used Vegetable Oil Flow Meter Pulse output stainless steel vegetable oil flow meter Pulse Output Soybean Oil Flow Sensor Controller Cheap Edible Oil Flow Meter Cheap Vegetable Oil Flow Meter 

LLTW Double Rotator Flow Meter

Gasoline/Kerosene/Heavy Oil Rotary Flow Meter Mechanical/Electronic Heavy Oil Flow Meter Mechanical Oil Flow Meter for Heavy Oil Heavy Engine Oil Boiler Oil Flow Meter Boiler Oil Heavy Fuel Oil Rotor Flow Meter Gas Oil Flow Meter Measurement Gasoline Kerosene Diesel Engine Oil Flowmeter Marine Bunker Oil Flow meter Mechanical Oil Rotator Flow Meter Analog/Pulse Output Oil Fuel Flow Meter Diesel Measuring Insrument Flowmeter Pulse/4~20mA Current Output Fuel Oil Counter Flowmeter Oil Field Heavy Oil Spiral Rotary FlowMeter PD Oil Fuel Flow Meter Measuring Instrument Mechanical Rotor Flow Meter for Fuel Oil Engine Oil Flow Meter for Marine Shipping Industry Marine Heavy Crude Oil Unloading Flow Meter Oil Field Heavy Marine Oil Flow Meter Crude Oil Spiral Rotator PD Flow Meter Mechanical High Viscosity Crude Oil Flow Meter 

LL Roots Flow Meter

Mechanical Gasoline Kerosene Diesel Oil Flow Meter Petrol Flow Meter/Gasoline Kerosene Flow Meter Electronic Marine Fuel Oil Flow Meter Mechanical&Digital Oil Flow Meter Mechnical Display Fuel Oil Roots PD Flow Meter Mechanical Pulse Output Fuel Flow Meter JIS Flange Bio-diesel Fuel Flow Meter LCD Digital Gasoline Flow Meter Positive Displacement Oil Counter Flow Meter Mechanical/Intelligent Oil&Gas Flow Meter Positive Displacement Diesel Crude Oil Counter Light Aluminum Diesel Gas Oil Flow Meter Mechanical/Digital Gasoline PD Flow Meter Low Viscosity Diesel Oil Flow meter Mechanical Analog Output Gasoline Fuel Oil Flow Meter Mechanical/Electronic Fuel Oil Consumption Flow Meter Positive displacement Diesel Consumption Meter Electronic/Mechanical Totalizing Flow Meter/Liter Meter Electronic Crude Palm Oil Flow Meter 

TWS Rotary Vane PD Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Flow Meter Fuel oil loading/unloading PD flow meter with filter Heavy Fuel Oil Lubricating Oil Flow Meter Mechanical/Digital Output PD Flowmeter Industrial Bulk Flow Meter with Filter Equipment Digital Fuel Diesel Gas Petroleum Flow meter Oil Loading Flow Meters With Strainer Diesel Fuel Oil Unloading/Loading Flow Meter Positive Displacement Flow Meter with Strainer Fuel Diesel Gas Oil Flowmeter with filter Petrol Fuel Flow Meter M Series Fuel Flow Meter 

LUGB Vortex Flow Meter

Natural Gas Vortex 24vdc Transmitter Flow Meter Gas flow meter/Digital Gas Meters Industrial Electronic Natural Gas Meter Vortex Remote Reading Vortex Gas Meter Remote Reading Gas Meter Digital Display Data Industrial Air Flow Meter Digital Vortex Butane Gas Flow meter Digital counter Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air Digital Vortex co2 measuring instrument LUGB Vortex Compressed Air Flow Sensor Electronic Measurement Vortex Compressed Air Flow Meter Digital Natural Gas Flow Meter Low cost compressed air flow meter Digital Display Remote Reading Gas Meter Digital Volume Corretor Natural Gas Flow Meter Digital Bio gas LPG Natural Gas Flow Meter Intelligent Chlorine Gas Flow Meter Intelligent Steam Air Vortex Gas Flow Meter LUGB Series Vortex Compressed Air Flow Meter digital display&remote reading gas flow meter 

LUXZ Gas Swirl Flow Meter

Volume Compensation Natural Gas measurement Instrument Industry Digital Natural Gas Flow Meter Natural Gas Flow Meter with compensation Smart Hydrogen Gas Flow Meter Smart Nitrogen Gas Flow Meter Smart CO Gas Flow Meter Digital Acetylene Gas Flow Meter Smart Oxygen Gas Flow Meter Electronic Natural Gas Meter Volume Corrector Natural Gas Flow Meter Cheap Air Flow Meter Analog Output Gas Flowmeter 

LD Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic In-Line Water Meter Electromagnetic Water Meters for sale Electromagnetic Waste Water Flow Meter Water Flow Pulse Sensor Magnetic Water Flow Sensor water, waste water electromagnetic flow meter GPRS Electromagnetic Flow Meter MODBUS/REMOTE Electromagnetic Waste Water Flow Meter PTFE Lining Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter Digital Sanitary Electromagnetic Milk Flow Meter Drainage Water Dirty Water Flow Meter Smart Alcohol/milk Electronic Water Flow Meter Digital Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter Digital Electromagnetic Beverage Water Flow Meter Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter Water Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter Flange Type Battery Operated Water Flowmeter Low Cost Water Flow meter Remote Digital Sea Water Flow Meter Electromagnetic Flow Meter/Magnetic Water Flow Meter Electromagnetic Drainage Water Flowmeter 

LWGY Turbine Flow Meter

Sanitary Intelligent Digital Milk Flow Meter Turbine Flowmeter Milk Flowmeter Alcohol Turbine Flow Meter Instrument Electronic Turbine liquid water measuring instrument Water Milk Coconut Oil Cooking Oil Flow Meter Liquid Turbine Water Milk Alcohol Flow Meter Digital Water Seweage Beverage Turbine Flow Meter Sanitary Stainless Steel Beverage Turbine Flow meter water alcohol beer flow meter liquid water turbine flow meter Liquid Turbine Flow Meter& Water Milk Flowmeter Digital/Electronic Water Flow Meter Remote Control Water Flow Meter Pulse Water Flow Meter Turbine Wired Remote Water Meter Electronic Remote-Reading Water Flow Meter Turbine Milk Measuring Instruments Stainless Steel Turbine Flow Meter Acid Waste Water Turbine Flow Meter 

TW-CMF Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Digital Fuel Oil Mass Flow Meter Digital Diesel Fuel Mass Flow Meter Coriolis Mass Modbus Output Fuel Oil Flow Meter Industrial Digital Mass Flow Meter Industrial Digital Mass Flow Meter for Oil Cooking Oil Coriolis Mass Flow Controller Anti-Explosion Coriolis Mass Flow meter High Precise Coriolis Mass flowmeter Liquid Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Coriolis Engine Oil Mass Flow Meter 

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